"New Generation" Spatial Information System Solution

We provide our customers with the opportunity to develop, update and report a «No Code» Information System that does not require coding.

We offer a high security system that includes user
authorization and performance monitoring with the "Admin Panel" interface software. We bring a new generation solution to the industry that can integrate Commercial and Open Source CAD/GIS software.


​"Corporate" Information System Design and Implementation

With our "Step by Step Road Map" approach, we identify your needs in line with your institution's vision, mission and goals, and design a Spatial Decision Support System specifically for your institution.

We put the system into operation by preparing gradual implementation plans. Afterwards, we ensure that the system becomes permanent through our training and dissemination efforts for its use.

Open, Integrated and Scalable Solutions

Thanks to the "Integrated Spatial Management System" we have developed, we offer Web/Mobile, Desktop integrated GIS-based solutions that are fully compatible with your institution's other IT projects (ERP, CRM, SCADA, etc.).

With an integrated system approach, we pave the way for your institution to be competitive in its sector by accelerating its operation and increasing its service quality.

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Açık Kaynak Kodlu Platformlar

A fully integrated solution that runs PostgreSQL/PostGIS, QGIS, MapLibre, Odoo, A.Superset, NextCloud, KeyCloak software. Linux on servers, Pardus operating system support on user side

Corporate Solution

"Licensed" and "High Security" corporate Geographic Information System solution developed on the world's best "Open Source" platforms

Scaleable System Design

"Turn-Key" system solution that has been working, tested and continuously developed for years at the scale of Company, City, Metropolitan, Ministries/Country.

Open Architecture

"Open Architecture" integrated Docker Container infrastructure solution optimized according to High Performance, High Security and Ease of Use parameters

New generation

<No-code> system development and update architecture that does not require coding

High Performance

System design that provides high performance on the server and user sides


Integrated desktop, web and mobile interfaces, fully integrated with other IT systems

We produce "award-winning" projects

​Since 2000, we have produced and continue to produce projects that won first prize in Turkey, the United States, the Netherlands, India, Russia and Jordan.

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A tailored solution for

every different need

We produce fast, practical and integrated solutions that can meet the needs of our customers.

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Why is ODAKENT solutions 


We offer you "Ready" and share our 20+ years of unique technology and ecosystem with you.

We "constantly" test and improve together with all stakeholder institutions.

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We share our quality and experience with you

As ODAKENT®, we offer you our years of experience in the field of urban infrastructure and environmental management and the most powerful solutions of the sector that we have developed with an international quality approach based on this experience.

​Let's create your next generation smart Geographic Information System [GIS] based solutions together!

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